Foliage & Grass Brushset (Photoshop/Procreate)

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So happy to release this set at long last! Tips and contributions welcome if you're able to and wish to!

-Works with Photoshop CC and Procreate

-125+ Brushes

-3 hours of video content with full voiceover 

-Royalty free, use with any personal, school, or professional work. Remix, edit, and recreate brushes to your liking. 

-Due to popular request, transparent PNG files of the brush tips have been added.

I created these brushes to speed up my own process for laying down foliage, as well as to help anyone else who's looking to do the same! I also hoped to provide a brush settings framework for anyone who wants to create a style-specific original set and copy the settings over. 

The video content is designed to explain the purpose of each brush and give a framework for how it might be used in a painting, as well as how to replicate the major brush archetypes used here.

Special thanks to Matt Hubel who went through and perfected the brush settings for Procreate to match the PS set. 

I want this!

Full foliage brushset with video content

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Foliage & Grass Brushset (Photoshop/Procreate)

3631 ratings
I want this!